No matter if you are eating Gluten Free for Celiac, allergies or another reason, it is nice when you realize you are not alone.  You never know what other people are going through.  When you first start to go gluten free you fell lost and don’t know where to start. At times you feel like no one else has to eat this way.  No one understands. Here is a quick story that you are not alone.

The other day at my daughters dance class, one of the girls was selling candy bars as a fundraiser for band.  My daughter always gets the plain Hershey bar.  The girls all know she can’t eat the other stuff. She always has a plain Hershey for my daughter. There was a new girl who had joined over the summer. She has been at class for a few months now.  They ask her if she wants a candy bar.  She reply’s no I can’t I  have allergies.  Of course  my daughters ears perk up and she says to what.  Her first reply was oh to a bunch of things. Probably feeling shy.  So of course my daughter says ok like what.  She gives her the list and wheat and gluten is on her list.  My daughter was oh wow me too.  I am gluten free and have Celiac.  She asked her if she had Celiac too and she said no they don’t think so.  That started a conversation with the new girl that probably now makes her feel better that she is not the only one or that she needs to explain it again. 

After class that day my daughter comes to the car and says guess what.  What?  The new girl has allergies too.  She can’t eat gluten either.  It is those little moments that make her happy and you realize you are not alone.  On those feel bad days remember you are not alone.