School – There are many things to cover for school.  Everything from informing  the teachers, and nurse, to lunch with other kids around, to the classroom parties.

Nurse/school – You need to notify the school that your child has Celiac Disease and be prepared to explain Celiac disease and make sure you clearly express that it isn’t just a belly ache that gluten will damage your child’s intestines for weeks if not months.  The school will give you a form for your doctor to fill out to accommodate special dietary needs.  Your child will also qualify for the 504 plan.  This plan requires the school to provide a Gluten free lunch for your child.  I have never trusted them so I do not request this.  I pack gluten free every day.

Teacher – You need to let the teacher know your child has Celiac.  I usually tried to meet with the teacher before school starts. I have attached a PDF I found years ago that I give to the teacher to explain Celiac and what must be done.  I also give the teacher a bag of treats that my child can eat.  This way, if there is a surprise treat or snack my child would have something.  I always asked to know ahead of time, if a treat is coming in so I can send in a substitute for my child.  This really worked great for the years my daughter was in elementary school. If you have the time, volunteer to be homeroom mom so you can help with the snacks  and parties.

Middle school – This has been a little harder.  I did talk to the nurse and the teachers at meet the teacher night.  One class did a mold experiment with bread and she was able to just not work with the bread.  The hardest class was FAC or home economics.  They cooked with flour and they exempted her for the baking and she sat in the nurses office during the class.  My concern was the heavy flour concentration in the air.  I know some teachers have the students use Gluten free flour.  So for this just make sure you communicate with the teacher.

Lunch – This is always a hard one.  The best thing we have purchased is a Packit lunch bag that you freeze and it keeps everything cold.  We also have thermos containers to pack hot food.  My kids seem to pick one thing and stick with it for months.  Hot dogs are always a hit.  My daughter this year was stuck on the Glutino pop tarts.  Of course,  always cookies and chips/ Frito’s/popcorn.  It is not always the healthiest but they eat it.

I hope this helps for your school worries.  I will add things as new challenges arise.  I can say that most of the other kids have been very understanding of the special food.


Form for teachers –Teacherceliac