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Hockey Tournament- Gluten Free

I always thought when the kids were little that planning to go to a birthday party was stressful. You know making sure you pack a cupcake and food so your child does not feel left out. Now flash forward a… Continue Reading →


It is Thanksgiving time again. Another holiday all about food, and for someone with Celiac or food allergies it is not fun. Over the years, we have tried to go places for Thanksgiving but anymore it is just easier to… Continue Reading →

Waffle Cones

  I made these waffle cones a few months ago.  It is a recipe I found years ago and then kind of forgot about them. We made them this summer and now we remember how good they are. No one… Continue Reading →

Is Alcohol Gluten Free?

  I usually write about Gluten free life with my kids, but this blog is different. This blog is about what alcoholic beverages are Gluten Free? I am not one to drink Alcohol very often. I usually drink wine if… Continue Reading →

Easter Candy

So I was looking for Gluten free candy today for Easter. Here is a list I found on the Internet of Gluten free Easter candy. I was a little disappointed that I looked at Starburst Jelly beans which are Gluten… Continue Reading →

Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month

March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month.  Did you know there are more than 100 autoimmune diseases.  Celiac being one of them.  That made me start to think that Celiac or not there are a lot that will benefit from a… Continue Reading →

Super Bowl – Ya or Nah

I don’t know about you but I really do not care about this years Super Bowl. I am more excited to watch This is Us after the game. If you are watching the game or not, there will be parties… Continue Reading →

Baking tips

If you are new to baking Gluten free for the holidays here are a few tips you might not know about.  You cannot take your old recipes and just change the flour to a rice flour or gluten free blend. … Continue Reading →

Lip Balm – Cold season

The cold season is upon us.  Have you noticed your lips getting chapped? Have you checked to make sure your lip balm is Gluten free?  A few years ago I saw that chap stick no longer said their product was… Continue Reading →

The Cheat day No way

The cheat day.  This subject really bothers me.  If you have celiac there is no such thing as a cheat day.  You will get very sick if you even get a crumb.  But with the latest Gluten Free craze people are… Continue Reading →

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