If you are new to baking Gluten free for the holidays here are a few tips you might not know about.

  1.  You cannot take your old recipes and just change the flour to a rice flour or gluten free blend.  They will not turn out the same.  You need to either use a recipe just for Gluten free or use a flour like Better batter that converts your old recipes cup for cup.
  2. There are a lot of Gluten free cookie options out there.  Check my recipe section for some ideas.  Search the internet but I would say stay on sites you have heard of.
  3. Some items like Fudge and cheese cake are already Gluten free.  You just need to change the graham cracker bottom to a gluten free graham cracker.
  4. It takes a lot of trial and error to find you perfect Gluten free cookies.
  5. I make the following and no one can taste the difference.
    1. Chocolate chip cookies – I use Pamela’s mix.
    2. Snickerdoodles
    3. Chocolate chocolate cookies.
    4. fudge
    5. sugar cookies.
  6. Betty Crocker, Land o lake both have Gluten free sections with recipes.

Good luck and have a Happy Holiday season.