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Halloween candy list 2017

I like this list I found for the Halloween candy.  Remember to check it every year because things can change from year to year. Don’t forget you can always hand out none food treats.  If so put out the teal… Continue Reading →

Gluten Free labels

Are all Gluten Free labels the same?  The quick answer is NO.  I have been thinking about this post for a while.  People always tell me oh I see Gluten free stuff every where now. Yes you do, but all… Continue Reading →

You are not alone.

No matter if you are eating Gluten Free for Celiac, allergies or another reason, it is nice when you realize you are not alone.  You never know what other people are going through.  When you first start to go gluten… Continue Reading →

Bread- Canyon Bakehouse

  What a great surprise the other day.  A box full of goodies from Canyon Bakehouse.  There was loafs of bread, bagels and brownie bites.  I am not sure what we loved more.  The brownie bites were amazing.  The bread… Continue Reading →

Summer and Vacations

So who would of thought that the begining of summer would be just as crazy as the end of the school year.  Baseball games, hockey games, dance recitals.  Never stops.  With the end in site now, I realized I have… Continue Reading →

End of school and Hidden Gluten

I don’t know about you but the end of the school year is crazy in my house.  Between chorus concerts, school shows, dance recitals and baseball games it is hard to keep everything straight.  So the other night we were… Continue Reading →

May is Celiac awareness month

Since May is Celiac awareness month it made me start to think.  A lot of people do not understand Celiac and that it is not a choice to be Gluten free.  You have to eat Gluten free to survive, to… Continue Reading →

Strawberry shortcake

  Sorry it has been a few weeks.  It has been crazy here.  Between dance competition, baseball starting and me being under the weather there has been no time for anything.  Well with all the craziness that just means spring… Continue Reading →


  So it is the beginning of April and here in the East we went from snowing one day to sunny and 70’s the next.  So with the great few days of weather we started up the grill and it… Continue Reading →

Easter Gluten Free

So Easter is coming soon.  I am not sure how, I feel like we just finished Christmas.  Anyway Easter is almost here and I wanted to give you Gluten Free ideas and options.  Luckily most of chocolate and candy is… Continue Reading →

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