Welcome to my website and blog.

I am a mother of 2 children. My oldest who is now 15 was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when she just turned 3. It changed everything. At first, we did not know where to start. Happy that it was not something more serious but scared on what we would all have to change. So, fast forward 12 years and how so much has changed with the Gluten free world.

Currently, my daughter, son and myself are all eating Gluten free. My son was recently tested for Celiac. He was borderline, but had a thyroid problem. So, I have heard gluten free helps your thyroid.  I decided to have him go Gluten free until we learn more. I am Gluten free because it makes me feel better.

I decided to start this Blog to help parents and suffers of Celiac Disease. Even if you are Gluten free for other reasons I hope some of my information will help you. I will take you on the journey of little kids with Celiac to a teenager with Celiac.  How she deals with it has changed over the years too.  I will have a section on what to do when you are first diagnosed and what to do as you remain gluten free. I will also post recipes that I have used and that I consider to be very good.

I am not a dietitian or a chef, I am just a mom who is dealing with raising a Gluten free family. I hope you enjoy this blog.